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Book Review: The Girl in room 105 by Chetan Bhagat

Book Review: The Girl in room 105 by Chetan Bhagat

About The Girl in Room 105

Author– Chetan Bhagat

Genre– Thriller , Mystery

No. Of Pages – 312

Publication Date – 9 October 2018

Main Characters– Kehsav , Zara .

We all are aware that Chetan Bhagat is known for writing love stories. So ,
when this book came up I though it would be another boring love story involving IITians , cliché love triangles and obstacles for a happily ever after .  This story, The girl in room 105  was however different (Still included IITians though) .

The title of the story is well suitable and thoughtful . And the subtitle “unlove story” catches buyer’s attention.

Storyline :

Keshav is an IITian who failed to secure a job through college placement,
he is currently working as a tutor in Chandan coaching classes preparing
students for JEE . Keshav hates his job and keeps looking out for a proper one. He belongs to an orthodox Rajasthani politician family and is still in love with his Ex gf Zara, with whom he broke up 4 years ago.

Zara Lone is pursuing her Ph.D. in IIT and stays in room no. 105 of her college hostel . She is from a Kashmiri Muslim Family . Zara has moved on from her past relationship and is dating Raghav.

Keshav like an obsessive ex boyfriend often drunk calls Zara , begging her
to come back to him. Zara does does not agree with him . Keshav tries hard to forget her but fails miserably .Saurabh, who is from NIIT also works with
Keshav in Chandan classes and helps him in moving on and focusing on his

The twist in the story comes when one night Keshav receives a text from Zara. It was her birthday and she asks him to come and meet her in room 105. Keshav couldn’t hold his happiness and went to meet her along with Saurabh.

He entered the college with his fake id and climbs the tree to reach Zara’s
window . The room was completely dark and silent. He saw Zara asleep on the bed. He touches her forehead and feels that she is completely cold. Keshav turns on the light immediately and sees her dead. Shocked and sad altogether , he couldn’t understand what has happened.  

So here begins the murder mystery . Who killed Zara lone and Why? (Keeping the review spoiler free)

As a bookworm and a regular reader, I find the initial  part of the book very slow paced and it didn’t kept me entertained. The author went into way much description of things which wasn’t required.

Looking at the positive side , Characters portrayal has been done very well . The story is not too predictable. It is best enjoyed as a one time read . Another positive part is that Chetan Bhagat tried a new genre and it turned out well.

I would rate this book 3 out of 5.

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