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I too had a love story novel by Ravinder Singh

I too had a love story novel by Ravinder Singh

About I too had a love story

Published – Year 2008

Pages – 217

Genre- Romance

Author – Ravinder Singh


This Novel, I too had a love story was suggested to me by a friend. The cover looked plain with a picture of red flowers on it. . The author’s name was never heard of. It was actually the author’s debut novel. The book lay unopened on my shelf for a few days.

Then I decided to give it a try. The story was unravelling itself in a very ordinary way. The book is about a guy ‘Ravin’ who meets a girl name ‘Khushi’ through a matrimonial website and falls in love with her through phone calls and SMSs (Something which 90’s generation can relate to ). ‘ The ending was supposed to be unhappy, which I had known from the summary on the back cover.

Once you start reading this book , you can’t put it down for sure .The narrator doesn’t go into too many details anywhere which is actually nice. he just describes as much he wants the readers to know .I cried my heart out after finishing the book.

It was just one of those love stories which has nothing new, nothing special and very predictable. But the simplicity of it all, won my heart. Not all love stories are meant to have a perfect ending. Some stay incomplete. Yet they are beautiful in their own way. I too had a love story is one such innocent and beautiful story.

The way everything has been narrated, it makes you believe it actually happened. I sincerely hope it didn’t. We wouldn’t want anyone to go through such pain . This novel is indeed written very well. Overall , I would rate this book 3.5 out of 5 . I Too Had A Love Story, can be bought from any leading bookstore or website and is very reasonably priced. However, my suggestion would be to read more in depth reviews of the book and then go for it.

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