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Book Review: The Secret Wishlist by Preeti Shenoy

Book Review: The Secret Wishlist by Preeti Shenoy

About The Secret Wishlist

Genre : Fiction

 Pages: 256ยท        

Publishers: Westland Ltd

Author :Preeti Shenoy

Review :

Preeti Shenoy is one of the authors who needs no introduction. Her lucid Writing style makes her books easy to read. This book is about the hidden desires, aspirations and buried dreams of Indian women in particular. It describes how the life of a girl changes once she gets married. The character is so relatable that it could be you, me or anyone of us.

The story revolves around a girl name Diksha who is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, daughter-in-law everything but not herself. She looks back at what her life was when she was just 16. How cheerful, full of life and ambitious she was and how an innocent crush and a kiss changed her life forever. She was pulled out of school and married off at a young age.

In Present, she is 35 years old housewife with a Nine-year-old child. Her Husband is an “old school” man who has tied her with so many rules and regulations. He doesn’t have time for his family and is “career-focused”.

The story is about how Diksha gets out of her monotonous life and finds her happiness. She makes a wishlist and begins to do things that she always wanted to do. She reconnects with her old friends and starts enjoying her life again.

Personally, this story felt more like a daily soap by Ekta Kapoor rather than a novel. The concept was very predictable and somewhere similar to other novels written by Shenoy. Once again the past returns to save the future. I expected something new but the story didn’t meet the expectations. Overall, the book is good for one time read.

Let me know what you think about this book . Also, comment your favorite quotes from the book. Mine was “It is ironic how the years change you and yet you remain the same”.

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