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Book Review: The Nameless Relationship

Book Review: The Nameless Relationship

About Nameless Relationship

Published on- 18 February 2018 by Westland

No. of Pages- 11 Pages

Author – Preeti Shenoy


The book, Nameless Relationship is about an extramarital affair between a modern woman in her 50’s and her lover in his late 20’s. Lithika is a successful entrepreneur running her interior designing firm. She is married to a rich retired man and is the mother of two professionally successful and settled children.

She is in 7 years of nameless relationship with Dhiraj whom she met during one of her business trips. Dhiraj is madly in love with her and wishes to marry her while Lithika is so afraid of the judgements from society and her children. It is that fear which prevents her from naming this relationship.

The author has captured the emotions and dilemma of infidelity in a beautiful way. The book is a short story of just 11 pages. It will take you away from everything going around you at the moment. Overall if you like reading short stories , you must give this one a chance.

My favorite quote from the book was – “Some of the best relationships that exist in this world are nameless ones. They crouch behind those sanctioned by society: the legitimate ones, ones that you can define because they are approved, allowed, understood and normal. There are names for those relationships” .

Let me know about your feedback and favorite lines from the book.

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