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Book Review- The One You Cannot Have

Book Review- The One You Cannot Have

About The One you Cannot Have

Author– Preeti Shenoy

Published – 17 Nov 2013 by Westland Publisher

No. of Pages – 217 Pages

Genre – Romance

Review :

As the name suggests, The One you cannot have by Preeti Shenoy is about the one person in your life that you cannot have no matter how hard you tried. The Story revolves around four main characters Aman, Shruti, Rishabh and Anjali.

Aman and Shruti were college sweethearts who dreamt of a future together. Yet the dream lay shattered when Shruti breaks up with him stating her mother’s terminal illness as the reason behind her decision. Aman tries to win her back but to no avail. With a broken heart, Aman moves to London. He drowns himself in his work in order to forget about his past love. Meanwhile, Shruti moves on and gets married to Rishabh. She is settled in her new role as married women.

Anjali is a young and vibrant girl working as a columnist in a women’s magazine. She is charmed and smitten by Aman and is eagerly waiting for his return back to India. She is also confused by his mixed signals of not returning her calls and messages after their few wonderful dates. Aman on the other hand is aware of her feelings for him but is unsure about his own. His heart still belongs to the one he cannot have. He is still holding on to his past memories of the beautiful 4 years that he spent with Shruti.

Meanwhile, Shruti in her two years of marriage has never once felt the same connection with Rishabh as she had with Aman. So both the main characters Aman and Shruti have somebody in their life but yet crave for each other.

Will Aman and Shruti ever get back together or will they accept their respective partners and move on? I found the book very entertaining and interesting. The story was pretty relatable. It reminds you of your own “someone that you cannot have”. The Characters were lively and charming.

My Favorite quote from the book was ““the person who cares less has more power in the relationship”. Let me know your views on the book and your favorite quote.

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