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Book Review- Unfinished: a Memoir

Book Review- Unfinished: a Memoir

About Unfinished: A Memoir

Published on– 09 February 2021 by Penguin Viking

Author Priyanka Chopra Jonas

No. of Pages – 240 Pages


Priyanka Chopra’s unfinished released on 9th February this year. The book has been creating a lot of buzz and hype since it was announced. Before it was out, she spoke extensively on the writing process and the way it proved to be purifying for her. Memoirs, by the very essence of it, are private, filling in the gaps between public judgment and personal stories. I always feel cautious when rating memoirs, because it feels as if I’m rating someone’s personal life and how they’ve decided to narrate their own stories 

I was really curious to read this book so I pre-ordered it from amazon. The book, Unfinished, provides readers with a brief story of Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s life and how she became the thriving self-sufficient woman she is today. 

Priyanka was born in Jamshedpur, India and lived in different parts of the country because of her father’s frequent transfers. She also spent some part of her teenage years in the USA. Coming from an army background, her parents wanted to discipline her from a very young age. She shared some funny incidents from her childhood, the bond she shared with her parents, grandparents and how she use to get bullied in school (USA) because of her skin colour. She tried to adjust but later moves back to India.

At the age of 18, she won Miss India and Miss World. Then she enters the life of Bollywood where she worked in more than 50 movies. Apart from mentioning a couple of bad encounters from a Director and a Producer, a few of her movie experiences, not many insights have been shared about her Bollywood career. Somewhere I was expecting to read more about it, many controversies should have been written, like her involvement with a superstar, which collected a lot of criticism.

Moving further, the book reveals her Hollywood career. How she got international recognition from the web series Quantico. She also shared about her married life with famous singer Nick Jonas, her new house and her association with UNICEF.

What I like about this Book!

  • Unfinished shows that the most important things to Priyanka are family, friends, and her careers. The bond she has with her mother has been described beautifully.
  •  The grief of losing her father and the depression that followed has been written well. I appreciated her honesty about it.
  • Priyanka admits her faults and apologises for some mistakes that, with her platform, could have harmed others, and I’m incredibly glad that she took this opportunity to do that.

What I don’t like about this book!

  • Many topics were left uncovered, reading a memoir, I expected some more revelation. Most of the things that she shared were already available on the internet. So there was not much to learn about her.
  • No names were mentioned. She knows that if she addresses her movie profession in-depth, she will have to expose many things that might outrage many people and affect her future career.
  • It is disheartening to see that some parts of this memoir seeming like some architectural magazine trying to describe various rooms in her new house in the USA. This is not what we anticipate from an autobiography from someone like Priyanka Chopra.

Overall, the book didn’t touch my heart. It seemed like a project that she wanted to complete before a deadline and move on to the next one. Writing a memoir is a complex ball game. I’m hoping for the second part of her memoir where she isn’t afraid to hide the real herself. If you are someone who reads fiction and looking forward to trying non-fiction for a change. This book might be for you.

Let me know your thoughts about this book in the comment section.

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