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5 ways to develop a reading habit

5 ways to develop a reading habit

Do you keep buying new books but, eventually end up piling them? Do you blame it on the lack of time or interest to read? You get a few pages in and then get distraught, and turn to the Mobile phone or your television? If this “You” sounds familiar to you, and you’re tired of this habit, there’s still hope: reading is a habit that can be developed over a while.

I have always enjoyed reading books and most of you would like to enjoy reading too, which means stabilising a constant reading habit. But commencing and following up with any new habit, becoming a daily reader can be difficult.

In this article, I will be explaining 5 ways through which you can form a routine reading habit. Ok, Let’s jump in!

1 ) Finding the Right Book

Once you have decided to develop a reading habit, the first book that you will pick is going to make or break your interest in reading. So it is crucial to choose wisely. There are several genres to pick from — fiction, non-fiction, biographies etc. If you choose to go for the best seller as your first book, you will most assuredly fail to realise why it became so popular. The odds of you reading more than 50 pages are unpromising. And after finishing the book, you question yourself, “If a best selling book could only strike me so little, how will the other books do?”

Therefore, choose the topic you likeIf you love sports, pick a memoir of your favourite sportsperson. If you are into fantasy or thriller, pick fiction.

2) Making time to Read

Set aside little time from your busy schedule on a daily basis. If you don’t make reading a habit, you will not continue with it for long. You may start with 15 minutes a day and increase it slowly and steadily as you start enjoying it. If possible, try to adhere to the same time every day. If you take public transport, reading is one of the best means to use the time or you may read before bed. Reading before you go to sleep helps you sleep and dream better.

3) Prepare a Reading list

Create a list of interesting books and stories. Anything exceeding 20 books for a whole year could be too overwhelming if you’re just getting began as a dedicated reader. This step is important because when our current book is finished, we know what to move on to. 

4) Joining Bookclubs, attending Book festivals or Book swapping programs

  •  Book festivals are a great opportunity for meeting new and existing authors. Festivals often have guest authors read portions from their more new works or will host public readings to stimulate interest.
  • Book swapping is a useful and reasonable way to keep your bookshelf full. You can easily locate a used bookstore in your neighbourhood that engages in a book swap.
  • If you don’t have time for the above two, you may join bookclubs on an online platform like Facebook, Instagram. Wherein avid book readers actively post about book reviews, articles and new authors.

5) Staying Life-Long Committed

Putting up with any habit can be challenging. You start extremely motivated and the exercise just lessens day by day till you finally give up. If you’re finding it hard to keep up with a book try commencing with small articles or short stories. This will produce the patience you need to read. Always remember that there is no shortcut. Developing a reading habit will take time and cannot happen magically over time.

I hope this article was effective and it does motivate you to pick up a book! Happy Reading 🙂

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