Book Review- Unfinished: a Memoir

About Unfinished: A Memoir Published on– 09 February 2021 by Penguin Viking Author – Priyanka Chopra Jonas No. of Pages – 240 Pages Review: Priyanka Chopra’s unfinished released on 9th February this year. The book has been creating a lot of buzz and hype since it was announced. Before it was out, she spoke extensively on the writing process and […]

Book Review: The Nameless Relationship

About Nameless Relationship Published on- 18 February 2018 by Westland No. of Pages- 11 Pages Author – Preeti Shenoy Review: The book, Nameless Relationship is about an extramarital affair between a modern woman in her 50’s and her lover in his late 20’s. Lithika is a successful entrepreneur running her interior designing firm. She is married to a rich retired […]